Aliah Selah
Aliah Selah releases her 4th CD in 2016 - In Light Of Now (Acoustic Perfume, Shades Of Images, Living In the Shade.) The pre-released single, "Across The Universe 2013" was #1 for months in Santa Cruz's Electronica Chart on See her video featuring Lotus Heart Yogadancers and hear ATU2013, now nominated for a 2013 Hollywood Music Award in Jazz. In this time of transition, it's Aliah's vision to blend soulful Ambient Electronica and Contemporary Jazz-Fusion with dreamtime videos that empower. Her music has featured on Radio & TV stations for many Earth & Peace causes: Lilith Fair led to New Thought Events & Sacred Music, Art, Yoga & Peace Festivals - happening all over the world now - where beautiful souls healing the planet dwell.